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Faculty Profiles

The supportive, experienced online faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Superior is committed to helping you advance your professional skills and career goals.

Faculty Jessica Cook

Dr. Jessica Cook | Affiliate Faculty

"The ultimate goal in my classes is to have students reach their own personal learning objectives through our guided experiences. Ultimately we want to make sure that all of the activities we participate in are meaningful and useful for professional practice."

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Staci Gilpin | Senior Lecturer

"I started teaching at the graduate level because there is a huge need for high-quality teachers for students with disabilities. I wanted to be part of developing teachers for these unique and diverse learners."

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Faculty Amanda Zbacknik

Amanda Zbacnik | Affiliate Faculty

"You will leave this program feeling an enhanced sense of career purpose and be extremely employable."

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Faculty Jodie Riek

Jodie Riek | Affiliate Faculty

"This degree not only enhances educators planning and instructional practices, but it will also challenge educators to be leaders in their schools on curriculum and instruction."

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Dr. Tanya Skalecki | Affiliate Faculty

"The ultimate goal for my courses is to have students achieve competency of the learning objectives through targeted instruction."

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Faculty Wendy Kropid

Dr. Wendy Kropid | Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation Programs

"Enjoy each class for what it has to offer you in your personal and professional growth."

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