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Advance Your Education Career With an MSE

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Experienced educators have many different reasons for returning to college to earn an advanced degree. Many school districts offer increased pay for post-baccalaureate classwork. And to maintain a teaching license or certificate, teachers must participate in continuing education, which can be accomplished by taking college classes.

Another reason why teachers earn graduate degrees is to advance their careers. By earning a Master of Science in Education – Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, you can further your career while you increase your salary and maintain certification requirements.

Professional Advancement

The results of a graduate survey conducted at the University of Wisconsin in May 2017 indicate that more than 86 percent of the graduates of the master’s degree in special education programs were able to advance in their current career as a result of the degree. Seventy-four percent reported that they gained a new position after completing the degree.

Special education teachers know that to be an impactful educator and advocate for students with special needs, they need to be continually learning about the latest and best teaching practices, medical and psychological updates, and special education law. Even though you may have a bachelor’s degree in special education, the coursework required for a master’s degree will deepen your understanding and knowledge about the field, advancing your skills and effectiveness.

In addition, teachers with a master’s degree are more likely to move into positions of leadership at the building level, such as team coordinator or liaison. As a team leader or coordinator, you will be responsible for conducting team data meetings and ensuring all paperwork is filed correctly, as well as working with administrators on building initiatives and budgets. In many districts, educators in these positions are compensated by a stipend or increased salary.

As an experienced educator, you regularly experience areas of the field that you believe could benefit from improvement and updates. When you assume a position of leadership, you will also be a stronger agent of change. Howard Gerber, a professional educational placement specialist, said, “Positions in the district office as a special education specialist or as a state department of education official are two ways to achieve greater change in the field that typically require[s] advanced degrees.”

Financial Advancement

The financial benefits that come with a master’s degree are not limited to stipends for assuming additional duties. According to, “Most states offer some level of pay increase for teachers who gain higher education degrees, some up to ten percent or more for each additional level.” According to respondents of the May 2017 graduate survey, 80 percent of them received a salary increase as a direct result of earning the advanced degree in special education.

Assistance With Career Opportunities and Choices

As a graduate of the Master of Science in Education – Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, you will also have the support and expertise available from the University’s Career Center, including free appointments with a career counselor up to one year after graduation. Included in the benefits of Career Services is access to University resources, including websites for employment advice and search engines for state, national and international employment opportunities.

Professional and financial advancement possibilities are important aspects of planning for your future. Earning a master’s degree in special education in the all-online program offered by UW-Superior puts you one step closer to reaching your goals while you make a real difference in the lives of both your students and your colleagues.

Learn more about the UW-Superior online Master of Science in Education – Special Education program.


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