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What Is an MSE in Educational Administration?

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What Is an MSE in Educational Administration?

Taking the next step as an educator often means assuming a position of administrative leadership. Earning an online Master of Science in Education — Educational Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior might be the perfect opportunity to advance your career and find new ways to harness your passion for education.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

When experienced teachers begin considering other positions in the education field, it is important that they understand why a degree in education administration is so valuable. The University of Wisconsin at Superior offers three tracks in their online degree program.

1. PK-12 Principalship Track

A graduate of the PK-12 Principalship Track is ready for the challenges that face principals or assistant principals — as well as department chairpersons — at the middle and high school levels.

2. The PK-12 Director of Instruction Track

This degree track prepares graduates for opportunities at the district office, making decisions about curriculum, services and disciplinary policies.

3. Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Track

Graduate students interested in supporting students with special needs and the staff members who work with them should consider the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Track. Determining the appropriate curriculum and accommodations to meet the needs of each student requires considerable training. This degree track also prepares graduates for the legal aspects of special education.

What Type of Coursework Should I Expect?

Each track requires 30 credit hours of coursework, which includes core courses and six credit hours of practicum. All three tracks require several of the same courses — these include classes in administrative leadership, supervision, curriculum management, business administration, diversity and social justice, and conflict resolution in a K-12 setting.

The principalship track includes a class to prepare you for the responsibilities of a school-based leader. Using tested theories, research and application, you will learn the operational tasks and roles of the principal. The legal obligations of employees and the laws affecting students and academic instruction are also topics of study in the school law course.

As a potential director of instruction, you will also study leadership at the administrative level. This course includes leadership characteristics and strategic planning processes. Students also learn human relations and communication skills as they relate to public school leaders.

In the Special Education and Pupil Services track, you will take a course that details the administration and supervision of special education. You will learn about the needs of exceptional students, and this track also includes a course on special education law.

How Long Will It Take to Earn This Degree?

Students can complete this degree online in 12 to 18 months. There are several start dates available throughout the year, so you can choose the date that best fits your existing personal and professional schedules.

Making the decision to leave the classroom or assume more responsibility as a teacher can be the most important decision of an educator’s career. By earning an online Master of Science in Education — Educational Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, you can expand the options available to you in the next phase of your career.

Learn more about the UW-Superior online MSE Educational Administration program.


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